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How can I Help?

Thank you for considering donating to the Western New York Horse Resource.

One of our biggest challenges is placing seized animals in caring foster homes. After our local SPCA has determined that horses need to be re-homed, we attempt to provide a list of suitable locations. These locations can be anything from a box stall with turn-out to a pasture with a run-in shed. The key is providing these horses with food, water and shelter. The amount of time these animals are fostered, differs in each case. Some animals are immediately available for adoption. Some animals must remain in foster care until the court determines the outcome of the case.

Horse Resource Grants to Foster Care Barns

Grants are available to foster homes from Horse Resource, in the amount of $100 per horse to be used for veterinarian services, farriers, equine dentists or food. Take action and submit an application for a grant (being posted today!).

Please note that all foster family names and contact information are kept confidential. Only Horse Resource Staff, SPCA and Law Enforcement will have access to it.

Would you be able to care for a horse at your barn? Contact us to help

Nutritious Hay

Seized animals are typically undernourished, so providing nutritious hay is a MUST. Horse hay must be free from dust and mold and preferably less than a year old. If you are able to provide hay for seized animalsContact us to help

Tax Deductible Donations

As you may know, seized horses may require a special diet and special care to regain their health and this can be a great expense. Please note that all of our contacts names, addresses and phone numbers are strictly confidential.  

Donations to the Horse Resource Fund can be made, by check, in care of the Community Foundation at 120 North Union Street, Olean or online using your Credit Card on PayPal. Donations are managed by our friends at the Cattaraugus County Community Foundation.

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Trucking horses by Trailer to foster homes

Do you have a horse trailer to help us transport horses? Another of our challenges is trucking these animals to their foster homes. We're always looking for an experienced horse person with truck and trailer to assist the SPCA in relocating large animals. If you are "horse savy" and are interested in assisting the SPCA in this manner, Contact us to help

Hoof Care

Are you a farrier looking to spread the word?


Any veterinarians willing to donate their time and services?

Contact us to help horses in need