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The Untrimmed Hooves of Paco

Paco with horrible untrimmed hooves and after with trimmed hooves

Paco is a 30 year old Miniature Horse.  He was rescued from a collapsed building in July.  While Paco was fed and watered a couple of times a week keeping his weight and nutrition up, his feet were never trimmed.  After 10+ years without trimming, Paco was a mess.

Thanks to the kindness of a local Vet and Ferrier, Paco now has quasi normal feet.  While not totally "normal", he has shed 3 lbs and about 24" of growth off each front foot.

Education could have prevented this atrocity.  Horse Resource strives to help people and horses before things like this occur.  If you have it in your heart to help us spread the word, volunteer in some capacity today!  Just Contact us!